1996 Shows

9653—A Savage Injustice—12/31/96
The territory of the Huarani Indians of Ecuador is threatened by oil interests. An American journalist relates their story in this program.

9652—Inside Tibet; Moroccan Commerce—12/24/96
Two short pieces: one, a rare look inside Tibet. The other, a visit to Morocco's ancient market places, called souks.

9651—UNICEF at Fifty—12/17/96
This program looks at some of the more recent programs and achievements of the United Nations Children's Fund as it turns fifty.

9650—Slow Crisis—12/10/96
There may be a "slow crisis" eroding America's close relationship with Saudi Arabia.

9649—Does Arms Control Still Matter?—12/3/96
Few people seem to pay attention to arms control the way they did during the Cold War. We ask some of the experts why.

9648—Lost in Their Native Lands—11/26/96
This award-winning program looks at the work of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples and the claims being made there.

9647—Peace Is Every Child's Right—11/19/96
Graça Machel of Mozambique discusses the results of UNICEF's major study of the impact of war on children.

9646—Dual Containment: Slogan or Policy?—11/12/96
Experts discuss whether US policy toward Iraq and Iran still makes sense.

9645—Russia's Prospects—11/5/96
A look at Russia's prospects for the near future.

9644—Better Value, Better Service—10/29/96
Finding better, more efficient ways for the UN to serve the world.

9643—Mexican Human Rights; Living Multiculturally—10/22/96
How NAFTA has affected human rights in Mexico. Also, a British filmmaker of Indian descent looks at English society.

9642—Assessing Human Progress—10/15/96
A look at the UN's latest Human Development Report.

9641—The Isolationist Path—10/8/96
An expert warns that the US is drifting toward isolationism.

9640—Freedom From Poverty—10/1/96
An overview of the UN's plan to eradicate poverty.

9639—Hong Kong on the Brink—9/24/96
Two experts on Hong Kong's transfer from British rule to the People's Republic of China.

9638—Hawaiian Independence; Eritrea Rising—9/17/96
Hawaiian natives demand rights to their homeland. Also, the surprising success of a young African nation.

9637—Teaching Peace—9/10/96
Columnist Colman McCarthy on creating a more peaceful world.

9636—Health and Environment in Russia—9/3/96
Defining the massive environmental and health problems facing Russia.

9635—Healing War's Trauma—8/27/96
A look at new efforts to promote healing from the wounds of war.

9634—UN 2000—8/20/96
UN officials and experts on a new vision for the institution.

9633—Saving Our Cities—8/13/96
A final report from the United Nation's Habitat II conference in Istanbul.

9632—The Ugandan Future—8/6/96
Three Ugandans share their optimism about Uganda's future.

9631—Inside Turkey—7/30/96
A look at the host city and country of the United Nation's Habitat II conference.

9630—Sharing the Prize—7/23/96
Human rights activists from Africa learn from the US civil rights movement.

9629—Women and Shelter—7/16/96
Our second report from the United Nation's Habitat II conference in Istanbul.

9628—Problems and Promise in South Africa—7/9/96
The outgoing US ambassador to South Africa on the future of that country.

9627—Cities in Distress—7/2/96
Our first report from the United Nation's Habitat II conference in Istanbul.

9626—Italian Economy; Global Governance—6/25/96
An on-site report on conditions in Italy. Also, the work of the Commission on Global Governance.

9625/9607—Beijing Briefings: US Commitments—6/18/96, 2/13/96
Official US delegates to the Fourth World Conference on Women and others outline US pledges to women.

9624—The American South and the World—6/11/96
How globalization affects the Southeast region of the United States.

9623—Land Mines: The Man-Made Plague—6/4/96
A look at the campaign to rid the world of land mines.

9622—The Cuba Puzzle—5/28/96
Three Cuban-Americans on recent turns in US-Cuban relations.

9621/9604—On the Chinese-American Experience—5/21/96, 1/23/96
A look at Chinese immigration to the US and its impact on US relations with China.

9620—Democracy, Elections, and Peace—5/14/96
Robert Pastor discusses his Carter Center work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

9619—Arab Women; Russian Women—5/7/96
Two reports on the status of women.

9618—UN Peacekeeping—4/30/96
Two experts on what we have learned from past peacekeeping mistakes.

9617—Handling Cultural Baggage—4/23/96
How a new educational tool deals with racism, prejudice, and stereotypes.

9616—Italian Elections; Nuclear Elimination—4/16/96
A report from Italy on this spring's elections. Also, a new effort to ban nuclear weapons.

9615—Rebuilding Bosnia—4/9/96
What the Dayton Peace Agreement accomplished and how the refugees feel about returning home.

9614—Engaging the World—4/2/96
A discussion about the value of the United Nations to US foreign policy.

9613—Global Corruption—3/26/96
How one group works to stamp out governmental and corporate corruption.

9612—Iraq Update; Medical Ethics—3/19/96
An update on the UN effort to eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Also, a look at international medical ethics.

9611—Bosnia's Lessons—3/12/96
What can be learned from the United Nation's failure to keep peace?

9610—Sri Lanka's Economy; International Terrorism—3/5/96
A report on the uneven growth of Sri Lanka's economy. Also, an expert argues that the threat of terrorism has been exaggerated.

9609—The Anarchy of Nations—2/27/96
John Mearsheimer on our uneasy world order.

9608—Beijing Briefings: US Grassroots—2/20/96
How a number of grassroots organizers are following up on the Fourth World Conference on Women.

9607—Beijing Briefings: US Commitments—2/13/96
Official US delegates to the Fourth World Conference on Women and others outline US pledges to women.

9606—Indian Rug Weavers; Atlanta 1996—2/6/96
Using children in Indian rug weaving. Also, Atlanta prepares for the centennial Olympic Games.

9605—The Persian Gulf: Five Years Later—1/30/96
The continuing importance of this region to US interests.

9604—On the Chinese-American Experience—1/23/96
A look at Chinese immigration to the US and its impact on US relations with China.

9603—The Doomsday Clock—1/16/96
Why the hands of this icon were recently moved.

9602—Sri Lanka's Civil War; Educating Mexicans Abroad—1/9/96
An inside look at the Tamil rebels. Also, how Mexico educates its citizens abroad.

9601—Peace and Justice—1/2/96
A look at the role of international human rights law in Bosnia.

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