1997 Shows

9752/9714—Eritrea's Dawn—12/30/97, 4/8/97
Three-year-old Eritrea is working to shake off the effects of a thirty-year civil war and instill a viable civil society.

9751—A View From the South—12/23/97
A South American perspective on President Clinton's recent visit to the region.

9750—NATO: A European Perspective—12/16/97
British experts discuss Russian and European concerns over the expansion of NATO.

9749—Exhuming the Truth in Guatemala—12/9/97
Finding out what happened and the extent of US involvement during Guatemala's nearly four decades of war.

9748—The Changing Face of International Law—12/2/97
Two legal experts discuss the war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia, the push for a permanent International Criminal Court, and the way international law is changing.

9747/9719—Return to Lebanon—11/25/97, 5/13/97
Journalist and former hostage Terry Anderson's remarkable story of survival and his return to Lebanon.

9746/9822—Guatemala's Indigenous People—11/18/97, 6/2/98
The attempts to redress centuries of discrimination against the Mayan majority.

9745—A NATO Debate—11/11/97
Two NATO experts engage in a lively debate.

9744—Demobilizing Guatemala's Combatants—11/4/97
A visit to the centers working to reinsert the combatants into civil society.

9743—Persian Gulf Policy: Time to Change?—10/28/97
Two experts discuss US policy on Iran and Iraq.

9742—The Life of Che—10/21/97
Jorge Casteñada discusses his new biography of Che Guevara.

9741—Guatemala's Respite From War—10/14/97
The start of a special series about rebuilding after Central America's "hidden war."

9740—Six Counties Divided in Two—10/7/97
A look at Northern Ireland and the prospects for peace.

9739—Reading America—9/30/97
Here we learn about a Dutch institute devoted to the study of American culture.

9738—Cuba's Growing Tourism and Music Industries—9/23/97
Two reports from inside Cuba.

9737—Rio Plus Five—9/16/97
A look at the progress made since the 1992 Earth Summit.

9736—China Live—9/9/97
CNN Hong Kong Bureau Chief Mike Chinoy on the changes in China.

9735—The End of Chemical Weapons—9/2/97
A talk with two officials of the agency which enforces the Chemical Weapons Convention.

9734—Educating for a Global Community—8/26/97
Today, more and more community colleges are incorporating international education into the curriculum. Find out how community colleges are changing.

9733/9812—A World of Refugees—8/19/97, 3/24/98
The UN High Commissioner for Refugees talks about the 26 million refugees and internally displaced people in the world.

9732—An Abundant Harvest—8/12/97
Norman Borlaug, father of India's green revolution, talks about his life and work.

9731—Inside the Tribunal—8/5/97
A talk with one of the justices from the tribunal prosecuting alleged war criminals from the former Yugoslavia.

9730—India at Fifty: Writers Reflect—7/29/97
A group of Indian authors reflect on what this anniversary means to them.

9729—New Britain and the World—7/22/97
A senior Labour Party member outlines the new British foreign policy.

9728—The Case for a Permanent International Criminal Court—7/15/97
Cherif Bassiouni argues that it's time the world had a permanent international criminal court.

9727—A New Iran?—7/8/97
A high-ranking Iranian diplomat discusses what still divides Iran from the world.

9726—India at Fifty: The Development Record—7/1/97
This program continues our occasional series on India's fiftieth anniversary by looking at its mixed development record.

9725—Race Relations in Brazil, South Africa, and the United States—6/24/97
Here we compare three distinct approaches to race relations and what we can learn from them.

9724—The Thirst for Justice—6/17/97
A talk with three people working to achieve reconciliation and a sense of justice in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Haiti.

9723—Brazil's Invisible Force—6/10/97
The struggle against racism in Brazil.

9722—Informal Trade Relations; India at Fifty: An Official View—6/3/97
A look at the international informal economy. Plus, India's ambassador to the UN on the nation's fiftieth anniversary since independence.

9721—The Truth and South Africa—5/27/97
Two of South Africa's moral leaders discuss both the redemptive and controversial aspects of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's process.

9720—A UN of Ideas—5/20/97
Giandomenico Picco, former UN Assistant Secretary-General, on why the UN has failed in the public eye recently.

9719—Return to Lebanon—5/13/97
Journalist and former hostage Terry Anderson's remarkable story of survival and his return to Lebanon.

9718—Bulgarian Elections; AIDS in Thailand—5/6/97
These two reports offer on-the-scene reporting about important issues for Bulgaria and Thailand.

9717—The Americas and the 21st Century—4/29/97
A new forum has been organized by former Presidents Carter and Ford to look at the Americas in the 21st century.

9716—Human Rights in Tanzania—4/22/97
Religious, political, even geographic differences are straining Tanzania's civil society and putting human rights in a precarious state.

9715—Banning Chemical Weapons—4/15/97
A look at White House efforts to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.

9714—Eritrea's Dawn—4/8/97
Three-year-old Eritrea is working to shake off the effects of a thirty-year civil war and instill a viable civil society.

9713—Where'd You Get That Outfit?—4/1/97
An overview of the child labor sweatshops around the world.

9712—Uganda's Little Wars—3/25/97
Ugandan leaders discuss how the numerous armed conflicts in their region are stifling economic and political growth.

9711—Restoring the UN's Image—3/18/97
A conversation including the Assistant US Secretary of State for International Organizations on whether the UN, under new leadership, can meet US standards.

9710—Refugee Life—3/11/97
The refugee camps scattered throughout eastern and central Africa are straining their already desperately poor host countries. This program visits a camp housing 12,000 Rwandan refugees in Uganda.

9709—Seeking Justice in Rwanda—3/4/97
The UN set up a court two years ago to try those accused of massacring a half million Rwandans in 1994. We talk with the UN Inspector General investigating why little has happened at the court so far.

9708—The Sudan Factor—2/25/97
This program provides first-hand accounts of how the government of Sudan is waging war on its own people and attempting to destabilize its neighbors.

9707—Feeding the World—2/18/97
How to feed the 8 billion people expected on the planet by the middle of the next century.

9706—Culture of Information—2/11/97
New technology and practices are putting power into the hands of ordinary people.

9705—Americans for Africa—2/4/97
Two leaders of the US-based Africa Fund discuss their efforts to turn American attention and foreign policy toward Africa.

9704/9627—Cities in Distress—1/28/97, 7/2/96
Our first report from the United Nation's Habitat II conference in Istanbul.

9703—Globalization and Human Rights—1/21/97
Domestic and international human rights organizations are beginning to find common cause.

9702—The UN Moves On—1/14/97
After a stormy year end, the UN is poised to pick up the pieces with a new secretary-general.

9701—Living With Hiroshima—1/7/97
Fifty-one years ago, a ten-year-old girl was quietly reading in her Hiroshima home when an atomic bomb destroyed her world. We hear her inspiring words in this program.

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