1998 Shows

9852-Cuba: The People-12/29/98
The Cuban people are largely an unknown entity to most Americans. Here we hear about the struggle and joys of life in Cuba.

9851-Cuba: The Policy-12/22/98
The US relationship with Cuba has remained essentially stagnant for decades. But, just below the surface, new currents are flowing. Here we begin a two part series on America and Cuba.

9850-Respecting Rain Forests-12/15/98
An unusual experiment to preserve tropical rain forests is taking place in Guyana. We visit this forest of the Amazon to see how it's being developed for long-term sustainability.

9849-Human Rights at Fifty-12/8/98
The UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights fifty years ago this month. Here, we celebrate the landmark document.

9848-North Korea: The Policy-12/1/98
North Korea remains a mystery to much of the world, including those charged with creating foreign policy. Here, we conclude our two-part series on the people and politics of North Korea.

9847-North Korea: The People-11/24/98
The first of a two-part series on the people and politics of North Korea. Part one focuses on responses to North Korea's humanitarian crisis.

9846-Jonestown Plus Twenty; America and Islam-11/17/98
First, a report from Guyana on the Jonestown tragedy. Later, a look at the life of Muslims in the United States.

9845-A Summit on Africa-11/10/98
A major initiative to build connections between the US and Africa will culminate in 1999 with the National Summit on Africa. Here, we hear from the Summit's leader.

9844-Growing up Dinka-11/3/98
Among Sudan's Dinka people, men often have several wives. But none have come close to a tribal chief who had 200 wives. Here, one of that chief's sons tells the story of growing up Dinka.

9843-George Mitchell on Peace-10/27/97
Long-term peace in Northern Ireland is finally a realistic possibility. Former Senator George Mitchell discusses his role in the historic peace agreement.

9842-An Exile’s Freedom; Peace in the West Bank-10/20/98
One of China's most famous dissidents reflects on his two decades in prison and China's future. Later, we talk with Palestinians who remain committed to the peace process.

9840-The New Court: Civil Society's Victory-10/6/98
The birth of the International Criminal Court treaty this summer was an historic achievement. And ordinary people around the world deserve much of the credit.

9839-Hezbollah; Southern Africa’s Bushmen-9/29/98
A report on Hezbollah. Later, we travel to southern Africa where Bushmen try to recover their lives after decades of war.

9838-The Gulag-9/22/98
An estimated 20 million people died in Josef Stalin's slave labor camps, known as the gulag. Here, we talk to a survivor of the gulag who has just published a memoir of that inhuman experience.

9837-Tensions on Cyprus; Radio Burundi-9/15/98
An on-scene report on rising tensions between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Later, a look at Hutus and Tutsis using radio to advocate peace in Burundi.

9836-The Sudan Factor-9/8/98
The latest US antiterrorism efforts included an attack on Sudan. One observer in the region says, "The capital of terrorism is Khartoum."

9835-The New Court: Crimes Against Women-9/1/98
The new International Criminal Court will have the power to prosecute specific war crimes aimed at women. Here several experts examine this historic achievement.

9834-The Asian Arms Race-8/25/98
India and Pakistan have raised fears that a new nuclear arms race is about to begin. Here is a special report on the history of nuclear weapons in the subcontinent.

9833-The Soul of the Sea-8/18/98
Next to tropical rainforests, coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystem on the planet. Experts discuss why the world's reefs appear to be in decline.

9832-The New Court: Search for Justice-8/11/98
Global delegates to a UN conference in Rome have voted to create an International Criminal Court. Here we look at this effort to prevent war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

9831-The International Year of the Ocean-8/4/98
The year 1998 is the International Year of the Ocean. Here we examine the condition of the world's oceans and their inhabitants.

9830-Mozambique; Rwanda-7/28/98
A white Afrikaner and a Mozambican villager-both farmers-meet to discuss how they can live together. Also, Amnesty International issues a report card on the Rwanda war crimes tribunal.

9829-Russian Worries-7/21/98
One of Russia's leading foreign policy analysts discusses NATO expansion, the nuclear arms race in Asia, and Russia's precarious economy.

9828-Media vs. Military-7/14/98
Warren Strobel, author of "Late-Breaking Foreign Policy", examines the news media's influence on US foreign policy and the use of military force.

9827-Testing the Waters in Iran-7/7/98
Iran's more moderate president has been in office for a year now. Gary Sick and Farhad Kazemi say it is time to rethink US policy.

9826-Peace Corps: Dreams and Legacies-6/30/98
The Peace Corps director and two volunteers discuss the program's ability to stir hope and idealism.

9825-Promoting Peace in Africa-6/23/98
Two special envoys to Africa discuss ways to promote peace and prosperity in Africa's Great Lakes region.

9824-Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor-6/16/98
Assistant Secretary of State John Shattuck discusses his efforts to integrate civil liberties and human rights into US foreign policy.

9823-Ireland's Ghosts-6/9/98
One of Ireland's foremost writers, Seamus Deane, reflects on the peace accords and the role of literature in helping shape a nation's identity.

9821-Korea's Economic Struggle; Child Labor-5/26/98
A report on Korea's role in the Asian economic crisis. Later, a look at new efforts to reduce child labor around the world.

9820-Trafficking in Women-5/19/98
The ancient practice of selling women into sexual slavery and domestic servitude continues. Here we look at two regions where trafficking in women is widespread.

9819-Global Money and You-5/12/98
A research group describes how they are taking the mystery out of international finance and global money systems.

9818-Unarmed Guardians-5/5/98
Author Liam Mahoney tells us how human rights activists in dangerous situations are being protected by unarmed volunteers.

9817-Israel at Fifty-4/28/98
Abba Eban and Elie Wiesel, witnesses to Israel's founding, give their thoughts on the nation's origins and possibilities for peace in the Middle East.

9816-Timber Trade; Chinese Prisons-4/21/98
A look at the environmental concerns and indigenous rights issues raised in the increasing US-Mexican timber trade. Also, a talk with human rights activist Harry Wu.

9815-Growing Diversity-4/14/98
The American Midwest is becoming home to a growing number of immigrants from Sudan, Bosnia, and Southeast Asia. Here we hear about the challenges and opportunities.

9814-Making Women a Foreign Policy Priority-4/7/98
With the leadership of Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, the rights of women around the world have become a priority.

9813-Kudirat Corner-3/31/98
Kudirat Abiola was killed while fighting for democracy in Nigeria. Here we hear how she is being honored in New York City.

9811-The Powers of the Court-3/17/98
An International Criminal Court to prosecute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide is being created. Here we hear from some of the leading figures involved in the process.

9810-Cuban Exodus 1994-3/10/98
In 1994, thousands of Cubans fled their country in makeshift boats and rafts, and some actually made it to the United States. Here we visit a museum dedicated to this Cuban exodus.

9809-A Balkan View-3/3/98
A former Yugoslav diplomat discusses the ups and downs of the ongoing peace process in the former Yugoslavia.

9808-Jerusalem: A Shared City-2/24/98
Three Women-one Jewish, one Christian, one Muslim-discuss their hopes for a peaceful coexistence.

9807-Italy's Economy; Conventional Weapons-2/17/98
An on-site report on Italy's expanding economy. Later in the program, a look at efforts to manage the surge in conventional weapons.

9806-Sanctions Overload?-2/10/98
Is the United States resorting to unilateral sanctions too often?

9805/9841-The Warrior's Honor-2/3/98-10/13/98
Author Michael Ignatief looks at the causes and consequences of civil war.

9804-Hemispheric Relations; Pugwash-1/27/98
Discussions with the Former US Ambassador to the Organization of American States and the new head of the Pugwash Conferences.

9803-Jordanian-Israeli Relations-1/20/98
A look at divisions in Jordan over how to manage relations with Israel.

Members of the Nobel Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines explain their work and actually demonstrate how to demine a landmine.

9801-Evidence of Genocide-1/6/98
A look at efforts to reclaim evidence of war crimes in Cambodia and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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